Ticketek resolves technical glitch that left Dua Lipa concertgoers stranded

Ticketek has assured customers a technical failure that left fans of pop star Dua Lipa stranded outside her Sydney concert for hours has been resolved.
Concertgoers were forced to manually prove they had purchased their tickets through emails, which delayed the start time of the singer’s performance at Qudos Bank Arena in Homebush.
Ticketek apologised to customers today, saying there was a “connection issue between two systems”.
Pop star Dua Lipa has apologised to fans after the start of her concert was delayed. (Getty)
Other customers entering the T20 World Cup cricket semi-final at the SCG and the Crowded House show at Aware Super Theatre also had issues with their tickets.
The UK music sensation thanked her fans after the concert was delayed.
“I wanted to thank you for your patience tonight. I know we had a problem with the ticketing situation and getting people in,” she said onstage.
“So I am really grateful for all of your patience.”
Fans were left stranded outside Dua Lipa’s Sydney concert at Homebush after a technical glitch. (9News)
Those who’d printed their tickets out and carried paper copies had an easier time of it.
“My friend called me and said, ‘I think what has happened is half of everyone’s tickets were scanning, and then half weren’t,'” one fan told 9News.
The doors opened last night at 6.30pm, with Dua Lipa due onstage at 8.30pm but she didn’t make it on until after 9pm due to the delays.
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